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In his ten years as a Houston attorney, Brian Ayson has developed a reputation for competency, professionalism, and success. Residents of Houston and the local legal community come to Ayson Law Firm for legal assistance because we provide personalized service to all our clients and we get results.

“I definitely made a good choice by hiring him. He always answers my questions to my satisfaction and treated me with respect. He’s a great lawyer, I’m very satisfied with his service. I would definitely let my friends and family know, if they were to need a lawyer in the future.”
Griselda C.

“He was honest and open with me during the process. I would recommend the law firm to anyone that was looking for a good reputable lawyer. The process was easy and smooth and I would say that the communication was always there.”
Angel C.

“There were so many law firms to choose from when I was trying to decide who should represent me. I chose wisely and will always be thankful for Brian Ayson’s help when I needed it most. He explained everything so I could understand what was going on and what my options were. I was very pleased with his level of professionalism and with the outcome of my case. Brian Ayson’s compensation for helping me with my case was reasonable as compared to what the other lawyers I interviewed were charging. I am happy with how everything turned out. I definitely recommend him. He is really good at what he does and he helped me when I needed it the most.”
Rob M.

“Even after Mr. Ayson knew he didn’t need to take the case, he still gave helpful information and directions for my situation. Highly recommended!”
Huy L.

“I love him and texted him and told him how great he was. Brian gave me great advice and really helped me out with my life change and he was just wonderful overall.”
Robert M.

“He was very thorough and cordial and professional. Brian was also very knowledgeable and I would recommend him and the firm to anyone that needed help.”
Aaron A.

“He was a wonderful attorney.”
Liam H.

“He did a great job with my case. Help me understand the process of the court. Made sure that I had the best chance to win my case.”
A Satisfied Client

“I was arrested for DWI in 2017. I hired Mr. Brian Ayson for his legal services. He was really helpful and very responsive to my emails and calls. He saved my life and proved me not guilty in court. I highly recommend him and give five stars.”
Bikramjit S.

“Very well mannered. Explain the case in the beginning. What was going to happen and what needed to be done. Steps and process of the case. I myself was ready to take a plea deal and get this behind me. He told me to hold on let’s not give in. I myself saw no hope. Well I was wrong! Case dismissed! I learned of Brian threw another fella in the same court room going threw a similar case. I asked him about Brian guy told me they recommend Brian to him. I got Brian info and google Brian. Well reviewed I had to go with him. I’m glad I did!”
A Satisfied Client

“I retained Mr. Ayson as legal counsel back in July of 2017 for a DWI case. He was very knowledgeable abt the laws and discussed step by step the process through the courts. He was always there to represent me at every court date and has continued to assist with a few minor details even after my case was settled. I highly recommend Mr. Ayson to represent anyone no matter what the case may be. You won’t be disappointed!!!!”
A Satisfied Client

“I would definitely recommend Mr. Ayson as an attorney. I was charged with a DWI on April of last year. Had lots of calls from a bunch of attorney’s but Mr. Ayson was the most reasonable one and honest, he won’t give any false promises like others, but he will do everything so the outcome of your case is in your favor. He got my case dismissed. Thanks Mr. Ayson.”

“I hire Brian for a DWI case, he gave me some great advice to how we should approach the case. He was always professional and on time to every court date. He made sure he explain every detail to me. He respond very quickly for any other issues that I had questions about. I would give him 5STARS & would also refer him to friends & family.

Thank you Brain Ayson for handling my case I was very please with the results.”

“When I was arrested for DWI, I was devastated! I knew that I was not intoxicated but proving it by myself would be very difficult. I called Mr. Aysons law firm and he set me at ease right away. He was so efficient and knowledgeable about these type of cases. Ultimately, I was proven by Brian and his wonderful, competent associates, not guilty!! Now I am able to go on with my life without a DWI cloud hanging over my head! Thank you so much Brian Ayson. If I ever need you again, I know you will do your utmost best to help me with my problem. I totally recommend Mr. Ayson and his associates to anyone out there who needs any help with these types of cases. Great job guys!! Thanks so much. We will keep in touch!”

“I Had two cases dismissed, (P.O.M, P.O.D). I was fight my case for 9 months.. public defender was trying to give me six months probation + community service + fines. I’m a free man thanks to Brian.”

“Best lawyer for the caes . He got my case dismissed.”

“Brian was very professional, hard working, and reliable! Definitely will refer and use his service again, if needed. Thanks Brian.”

“I had a DV case in Harris County and another charge in another county. I called around and found Mr. Ayson to be my best choice. I was very unsure of the outcome but this law firm did a great job of putting together a defense packet on my behalf. I got a felony reduced to a Misdemeanor. I am grateful for what this man has done- keeping me out of prison. Even when the outlook did not look bright, he kept me positive. I would recommend him to anyone who is in a sticky situation. He can get the job done!”
A Satisfied Client

“Brian did a very great job handing and dealing with my case. Always quick to answer any and all questions and explain thoroughly everything about my case. Brian was always there to tell me and pass on updates on my case, and was always on time and did everything he could at all times through the whole process. Very great person, and one of the best to have on your side.”

“Having Brian represent me as my attorney was great. He is very professional and I had no problems. Thanks to Brian my case was dropped. I highly recommend him to anyone.”

“I had a great experience with Brian!! He was great with explaining every step of the process and very patient as my case took over 8 months to be resolved! Got me the best deal possible and was always on my side!”
A Satisfied Client

“Brian is vary professional and affordable great guy I would definitely recommend him to anyone I was pleased with him.”

“Brian has been there from the start, and always has been helpful, informative, and supportive of me.”

“Mr. Ayson was hired to handle my son’s DWI. He was very professional throughout the entire ordeal. If you have ever had a DWI then you are aware of how confusing and time consuming the courts are. If you are like us and have not had one before, then it’s a good idea to have a very capable attorney. I believe Brian accomplished that and beyond. At the end of the last hearing Brian told us he would even help with having the interlock devise removed from the vehicle and he did just that, with no additional charge. If you are like we were, having no idea at all which attorney to use, then I would highly recommend Mr. Brian Ayson.”

“I had a DWI and Endangering A Minor (baby). He knew I wasn’t a bad guy just made a very dumb mistake so he fought and got me just a class B misdemeanor. When I should got a felony and a misdemeanor because I had to plead. He saved my future and now i’m not a felon so happy this had changed my whole outlook on drinking.”

“Mr. Ayson helped me in every way he could. He was quick to get in touch whenever I needed his advice. We did everything we could to get the my case dismissed. Fortunately, I walked out of the courtroom with only a fine and no time served, community service, etc.

I would recommend his services. Mr. Ayson is attentive and can very well represent you as well as he did me in cases like these.”

“Very knowledgeable and professional. Brian was always on time to represent myself in court as well as time efficient with documentation. He gave me the best legal advice to help fight my case. It was hard but HE DID IT! At the end of the case, he gave me the best advice; Stay out of trouble! Overall great experience and I recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.”

“My husband & I needed a Living Will prepared. Contacted Brian and he was very helpful and discussed our needs and gave us his recommendations and prepared a draft. Upon review we made minor changes. He then prepared the final document for approval & signature. We were completely satisfied with his service and highly recommend him.”

“Like so many people today, I have very little personal time. I needed an attorney who would take care of the business at hand efficiently and effectively. Mr. Ayson did so on several occasions for my family and me. Experiences with other attorneys in the past had me a little leery, but Mr. Ayson’s professionalism, courtesy and work ethic were very reassuring.”

“I hired Brian Ayson for my DWI case. He was very confident in what he was capable of and knew exactly what wouldn’t be possible. His price was fair and the payment plan was super convenient. He surprised me yesterday with the most amazing news. Dismissed! I highly recommend Ayson Law firm for your next case. Very professional and capable. Thank you Brian, you are the shiii!.”
Michael S.

“Really recommend lawyer Ayson , he got my case dismissed and worked whit me on payments and affordable.”
Clavo V.

“Brian has been amazing with helping me take care of my case. He put my needs before anything else. He was trusting and very honest. He fought for me and treated me as a human being and not a criminal. He is very sincere and considered all the options that were best for me. He’s very fair with his price and was willing to work with me. I would recommend him as a first choice for anyone. You are a lawyer that does your job for the love and passion of helping people. Thank you so much for being there for me. You have made a huge difference in my life.

Once again thank you for everything.”
Sarah G.

“I hired Brian Ayson on a tough case for the both of us and got what we wanted out of them he is very smart and dedicated to give and receive the right options best for you and your future he was always one phone call away for me even though I had always called him at odd times but he always had the time to spare when I needed advice would definitely recommend Mr. Ayson he is an awesome attorney and I enjoyed working with him.”
Vanessa R.

“Brian sat down with my family and explained the pros & cons of the situation and charted the path forward for us. Brian diligently and professionally executed the process to a successful dismissal. I was impressed and pleased with the clear communications, follow ups and the outcome; I highly recommend the Ayson Law firm for legal representation.”
David T.

“Very Good and knowledgeable attorney to have, I had no problems once so ever. I highly recommend him to anyone.”
Sergio G.

“Knowledgeable, professional, understanding & compassionate, Brian made a grueling experience much less stressful. I’ll always appreciate all that you’ve done. Thank you so much!”
Whitney M.

“Mr. Ayson is a good attorney. He treats every case on a personal level, and he is very responsive to any question you may have concerning your case. I would highly recommend him to anyone going through a difficult case.”
Jose R.

“I told Attorney Ayson exactly what I wanted and he made it happen.”
Jemon G.

“We have used the Ayson Law Firm on multiple occasions and have always been pleased with the personalized, ethical service we have received. The Ayson Law Firm will always be our first call when any legal issue arises.”
Patricia M.

“Brian is very affordable he will work with you on payments and I was very pleased.”
Pablo S.

“Brian is a good great lawyer. When I got myself in trouble I was scared. So I called my friend for a help and she told me call Brian got his phone number and I call him, he asked me questions, after all my answers he already knows what to do he represented me in court he did the best for me like I was part of his family. Thank you so much Brain for everything keep doing what you do you the best.”
Boni G.

“Mr. Brian Ayson is a terrific lawyer and always puts his clients first.”
Rita J.